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30 days remote cardiac monitoring service (own device)

For the iMedConcept remote cardiac monitoring service to be active, connect the Kardia Mobile device by entering "doctor's code" in your application.

Continuation of the Remote Cardiac Monitoring Service + KardiaMobile® 6L

Continuation of monitoring over 30 days for the next 30 days. Continuation of the iMedConcept remote cardiac monitoring program with the previously received Kardia Mobile 6L EKG monitor. Perform the test anytime and anywhere using your smartphone.

Purchase of the KardiaMobile® 6L device (owned)

KardiaMobile® detects atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia and normal heart rhythm. Provides the doctor with more detailed information about the heart. It provides doctors with insight into some of the heart rhythm disturbances, which are major indicators of cardiovascular disease

Remote cardiac monitoring service + KardiaMobile® 6L

The iMedConcept remote cardiac monitoring service is an innovative solution aimed at using the latest technology on the medical device market and ensuring your safety.