Remote cardiac monitoring service

  • KardiaMobile 6L - is an innovative solution aimed at using the latest technology on the medical device market and ensuring your safety. Find out more about the cardiac monitoring service.
  • Take advantage of the 30-day iMedConcept remote cardiac monitoring program - you will receive the Kardia Mobile 6L ECG monitor - a persistent, portable, pocket-sized mobile EKG device.

Online consultation

Audio and video consultations without leaving home. Make an appointment on your chosen date.

Medical examination

Make an appointment for comprehensive cardiological tests: echo, USG, ECG, holter.


Take care of your heart. Learn how to care for your health and why prevention is important?

Scientific activity

We conduct scientific research in the field of heart disease. Research achievements.

Comprehensive cardiological care

  • from drug treatment to intervention percutaneous treatment of heart and vascular diseases,
  • from diagnostics and stationary treatment to online audio and video consultations without leaving home,
  • many years of experience and co-creation of the guidelines of the Polish Prevention Forum - the joint voice of many Scientific Societies,
  • many years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases within the Center of Rare Cardiovascular Diseases,
  • numerous scientific publications in magazines with a high impact factor.

Medical examination

Heart diseases
range of activities

Aortic aneurysms

Aorta jest największym naczyniem tętniczym człowieka. Wychodzi z lewej komory serca i rozprowadza utlenowaną krew po całym organizmie, ...

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Heart failure (NS)

Pomimo zaawansowania nowych technik farmakoterapii i metod diagnostycznych oraz terapeutycznych w dziedzinie kardiologii, pacjenci z ni...

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